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Nearelys Rodriguez was born in 1982 in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. Her love for art began at an early age but she was not able to pursuit her education in art at the time. At the age of 19 years old, back in 2002, Nearelys moved to The United States and years later she graduated from an Associate’s Degree in Legal Studies and later from Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, both at Hodges University in Naples, Florida, where she relocated to.


Nevertheless, her passion for being creative became a need and turned out to also becoming more and more prominent. Nearelys found her way of expression in the Abstract Art; the lines, the textures, the colors, and compositions ended up fueling up her creative instinct. Her paintings are the result of many years of experimentations and the process continues to evolve distinctly in every piece she makes. She is currently an active member of The Von Liebig Art Center of Naples and The Naples Art Crafters Association, where she constantly participates in art shows and exhibitions.


I like to create art not to impress but to be interpreted by the beholder. My intention is to capture the viewer’s eye and have them get lost into the work. My paintings are the result of my imagination and energy that work together letting the lines and the colors take their own path, despite my intentions. Although, I manipulate the paint and canvases, the outcome is usually unpredictable and intriguing.



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